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Process tanks

Made of FRP material for glove chlorination systems including chlorine dipping tank, soak rinse dipping tank and neutraliser dipping tank.

Chlorine circulation systems

Used to store and circulate chlorine solution from and into the chlorine dipping tanks through a circulation pump.

Neutraliser supply systems

Stores and injects alkaline solution such as potassium hydroxide into the neutraliser dipping tanks through a circulation pump.

Chlorination gas systems

Used to store and inject chlorine gas in the chlorine drum into the chlorine dipping tanks through a vacuum regulator, flowmeter and injector.

Scrubber systems

Filter waste chlorine gas stream produced during the chlorination process and remove chlorine in the exhaust fumes before it discharges to the environment.

Control panels

Used to monitor and control the operation of the entire on-line glove chlorination process.

Off-Line Glove Chlorination System

The gloves must be removed from the moulds on the glove-dipping line and manually transferred to the off-line glove chlorination system for chlorination.

Storage Tanks​

Made of FRP material or FRP-coated steel to prevent chemical corrosion, capable of storing raw materials and / or chemicals used in glove manufacturing.​

Process Tanks​

Used in other processes in the glove manufacturing process, such as containing acid or alkaline solutions to clean glove moulds before a new production cycle, or containing hot water for the leaching process.​

FRP Lining​

FRP materials are coated on trenches, pits and floors of their manufacturing plants and machinery, as well as in water treatment plants, to increase chemical resistance levels and prevent corrosion and damage caused by chemicals.​

Acid suction system

It facilitates the removal of acid fumes from cleaning area of glove moulds to prevent acid fumes from leaking into the environment.

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