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Flexidynamic Group is a solutions provider for the rubber glove manufacturing industry with market presence in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, supported by our offices in Malaysia and Thailand, along with our manufacturing facility in Banting, Malaysia.
Incorporated in 2012, Flexidynamic Engineering started with humble beginnings, with a focus on providing chlorination system to glove manufacturers for the production of powder-free gloves. Over the years, we expanded our products in tandem with the enormous growth of the rubber glove manufacturing industry around the globe.

In 2018, after the acquisition of Flexidynamic Engineering Co. Ltd. in Thailand, the incorporated subsidiary supported our overseas operations mainly in the Southeast Asia region.

With our wide range of products, continuous innovation, and strong support base, Flexidynamic Group looks to grow to new heights, both within and beyond the glove manufacturing industry.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

  • Provide the highest quality solution with high-efficiency systems to cater for the customer’s exact requirements and needs.

  • Provide the best customer service experience by improving customer satisfaction and service response time.
Customer Satisfaction

Energy Efficiency

Innovative designs and engineering performance optimisation are used to reduce operation power consumption, thereby reducing energy costs and environmental pressure.

Value for Money

Provide the best cost-effective solution to fit every budget range without compromising quality.
Value for Money
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