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Chlorination Gas Systems

A chlorination gas system is a section that stores and injects chlorine gas in the chlorine drum into the chlorine dipping tanks through a vacuum regulator, flowmeter and injector.
The chlorination gas system mainly comprises the following components and they are sourced from third party suppliers:

Chlorine Drum

A chlorine drum is a consumable item where it contains pressurised chlorine gas. It serves as a source of chlorine gas for the diluted chlorine solution in chlorine dipping tanks.

Vacuum Regulator

A vacuum regulator is used to regulate the vacuum to prevent pressurisation of chlorine gas to ensure the safety of the system.


A flowmeter is used to control the amount of chlorine gas to be injected into the chlorine dipping tanks.


An injector is used to inject the chlorine gas from chlorine drum into the diluted chlorine solution in the chlorine circulation system.
The setting up of a chlorination gas system, including the assembly and installation of its related equipment is outsourced to our subcontractor, a chlorine gas specialist. The integration and design of the chlorination gas system into our on-line chlorination system is performed in-house by our group.
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