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Process Tanks

Generally, there are 3 types of process tanks for a glove chlorination system and all our process tanks are manufactured using FRP materials.

Chlorine Dipping Tank

A chlorine dipping tank is used to contain diluted chlorine solution whereby gloves will be dipped into the diluted chlorine solution to be coated with a layer of chlorine.

Soak Rinse Dipping Tank

A soak rinse dipping tank is used to contain water to rinse off chlorine residue from gloves that have been dipped into the diluted chlorine solution.

Neutraliser Dipping Tank

A neutraliser dipping tank is used to contain alkaline solution such as potassium hydroxide to neutralise the remaining chlorine residue on the surface of the gloves that was not removed in the soak rinse dipping tank.
These process tanks are manufactured by our subcontractors while we provide them with the moulds and raw materials needed for the manufacturing works.
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